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    Andrew St. Royal  /  December 10th, 2019

    Throughout the month of December, holiday hangovers are seemingly bound to sneak upon us. Not just in the sense of having one (or three) too many spiked Eggnog drinks on a Thursday night with co-workers, but from a scheduling standpoint. Over the course of four weeks, our personal and professional calendars are often inundated with commitments — corporate parties, family obligations, holiday events… it all begins to add up. Suddenly, it might feel like there simply aren’t enough days in the month, and the holiday onslaught of mandated appearances is sure to continue until the clock strikes midnight on the eve of a new year.

    Scheduling fatigue aside, parties shouldn’t feel like trying obligation amidst an already demanding time of the year — they’re a party after all, they’re meant to be enjoyed. This becomes especially apparent to businesses who, despite having the best intentions, may experience resistance or limited buy-in at corporate functions come mid-December. And really, where is the holiday spirit in a room full of people who are partied and shopped out?

    acoustic duo playing songs at drake hotel lounge in Toronto

    So, what is the solution? How can companies still celebrate and reward their employees in true holiday fashion, without adding to their already full plate come December? It is precisely this line of questioning which has inspired the rise of January holiday parties. Same sentiment, just a different date to mark on your calendar. Here’s why…

    1. Ease of Scheduling

    Locking down a date for internal events (and ensuring employees have RSVP’d) can be easier said than done, especially in December. And, let’s face it, no one wants to go to the trouble of planning an elaborate party or get together, only to be put on the ‘back burner’ by guests already saddled with other commitments.

    Fortunately, come January, things typically quiet down. Rather than viewing the party in the lens of it being a ‘chore’, employees have likely recuperated from their mad dash of social events in December, and are far more eager to gather for food, drinks, and a good time with friends and co-workers.


    2. Enhancing Morale, When Employees Need it Most

    We’ve all been there. December seemingly speeds by in a flash of lights, high-calorie treats, wrapping paper, mocha-flavoured everything and family get-togethers. Then, before we know it, we’re welcoming the new year — whether it’s surrounded by hundreds of others counting down in unison, or with loved ones at home. And then, suddenly, without the lingering promise of Christmas reruns and the constant aroma of fresh baked goods at home, January starts to feel long… and cold. The end of the month slowly creeps its way into our awareness and, just like that, it’s Blue Monday — better known as the most depressing day of the year.

    Whether or not you feel the effects of that particular day in January, the final stretch of the month often feels as though it lags on. So, what better way to ‘extend’ the celebration and enhance employee morale than to throw a holiday party? Suddenly, January becomes a welcome time for a dose of post-holiday cheer.


    3. An Organizer’s Dream

    Struggling to iron out the details of your company’s holiday party in time for the third week in December? Give yourself an extra month. Not only will it be easier to make all necessary arrangements (music, venue, catering, etc.), but it will provide you with the peace of mind to adopt a “slow and steady” approach to planning, rather than a “I have to pull this together last minute” approach. 

    Not to mention, in this era of millennial ‘Google-esq’ offices with nap pods, unlimited organic snacks and maybe even craft beer on tap (dreams really do come true) your company might feel compelled to change things up. Perhaps, rather than booking a restaurant around the corner, you want to keep the party inside. Tapping into the unique culture which you’ve already created within those walls is a great idea; saving your employees time, and often enhancing productivity. You could have a variety of live music, such as a live musician, DJ, small duo or trio, or even a full band at your event, or even as some in-office entertainment! Want help booking? St.Royal can help. We provide unique (and more importantly, memorable) music programming and talent for everything for corporate events, galas, fundraisers, weddings — you name it, we can manage it.

    Based on the needs of your party, we will take you through our event experience packages, which can be easily customized to your itinerary and the desired experience for your employees. We will guide you through the entire planning process, right to the day-of… and then we’ll bring the show to you. This is what we like to call (holiday) celebration delivered. Suddenly, throwing a holiday party in January doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

    -Andrew St. Royal




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