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    Andrew St. Royal  /  February 20th, 2020

    St. Royal Entertainment is looking for one or two freelance copywriters/content writers.
    You should apply if

    • -You’ve got the basics of site copy, banner ads, direct e-mails, interactive scripts, and other online marketing.
    • -Copy is your comfort-zone, but you’ve got a well-rounded knowledge of the broader industry—social media, usability, online marketing, and traditional advertising.
    • -Grasping communication challenges and devising imaginative solutions that are both brilliant and on-brand is what you do.
    • -You have prior experience managing cross-functional projects and possess well-developed project management skills as you will be working with more than one brief at a time
    • -You have demonstrated the ability to combine and translate complex material from different sources and contexts into stories and content that engage and resonate with target audiences
    • -You have demonstrated communication skills and a meticulous eye for detail.




    Assist with an ongoing series of blogs and vlogs – estimate around 2 pieces of written content per month (750-1000 words) around the following topics:

    • -Music
    • -Music Experiences as it relates to: Weddings, Events, Brands, Audiovisual Production
    • -Event Business
    • -Entrepreneurship
    • -Music Artists


    The blog copywriter must:

    • -Adopt optimal writing style and tone for the desired demographic for each topic.
    • -Have an understanding of SEO, keywords, anchor text (linking best practice)
    • -Have an excellent track record of writing CTAs, headlines, and digestible copy (via subheadings, organization, etc) that drives readership
    • -Be dedicated to being up to date on current best practices
    • -Be willing to review key ROI metrics and adapt
    • -Maintain high standards of copywriting and exercise quality control.





    We are also looking for a copywriter to complete a branding exercise and update (this does not need to be the same person):

      • -Mission
      • -Vision
      • -Values
      • -Positioning Statement
      • -Website copy
      • -Form copy


    The brand copywriter must:

    • -Have a polished system for developing a brand’s voice, as you will be expected to lead the CEO through your process.  Please be sure to outline your process in your email.
    • -Have had experience (portfolio) developing a brand voice.
    • -Have 2+ years’ experience as a copywriter in an agency environment.
    • -Demonstrated communication skills and a meticulous eye for detail.



    Interested applicants for one, or both roles please email with “ATTN Blog Copywriter Position”, or ATTN Brand Copywriter Position”, or “ATTN Blog & Brand Copywriter” in the subject line as appropriate.

    Include rates, and examples which demonstrate the above.


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