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    Here's the kind of music artist
    we're looking for at St. Royal:

    Good creatives love their art, but great creatives who work in business love to use their art to sell.

    In other words, they aren’t held up by romantic notions of artistic integrity. A creative who wants to work effectively and happily at an agency shouldn’t care more about the craft than the agenda.

    That’s the kind of artist we're looking for—someone with tons of creative talent who wants to make fantastic music, yet who understands that we’re in the business of bringing our client's vision to life and gets a thrill out of that, too.

    As entertainers, we are in service to others. We are hired to provide a music & celebration experience for our clients and their guests. If we don’t move our audience, create the desired ambiance, follow brand guidelines, help raise awareness for the cause, or inspire people to celebrate, or dance, we haven’t fulfilled our obligation to our client.

    Live Musicians / Female DJs

    We take care of everything. From our extensive roster of talented musicians and DJs, to our ready & active sub list, you will be provided a seemingly endless rotation of talent. We keep it fresh from week-to-week for your customers, and staff.

    Popular Music Styles

    Your music program is decor for the senses. Fill the unused volumes of space with perfectly styled live music and background elements to bring life and energy - in the right amounts - into your space.