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    Fête Chinoise: Experiential Showcase

    Saturday, November 19th

    Shangri-La Hotel

    1-5pm & 6-10pm *



    Fête Chinoise


    St. Royal Entertainment is the showpiece of the Shangri-La Ballroom with an array of live music performances from 1pm -5pm and again from 6pm – 10pm.  St. Royal will be featuring live music from:

    • The St. Royals live wedding band,
    • Instrumental Jazz,
    • & Mandarin-Pop live band

    Tickets , Information

    About Fête: Fête Chinoise engages the audience in exploring modern Chinese celebrations through an artistic experience. This exhibition explores the way we approach tradition in weddings, birthdays, social gatherings, and events, which all play significant roles in our personal lives. Invited artists and designers will imagine, without bounds, what modern Chinese celebrations can look like when we infuse century-old traditions into a fashion-forward and sophisticated society. In a compelling series of 9 spaces, guests will enjoy curated food and beverage pairings, delicately seasoned with nostalgic music, as they walk through an enchanting gallery-styled and interactive experience.

    The symbolic meaning of tradition is simultaneously personal and public, allowing us to feel connected and to make connections. Tradition has the power to weave together thousands of years. This experience allows for an audience interested in the Chinese culture to experience and learn about Asian-inspired hospitality, beauty, fashion, and art. Fête Chinoise will inspire souls in search of meaning with a refreshing and relevant opportunity to engage their cultural roots.

    A portion of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to two important foundations: the MON SHEONG FOUNDATION, a Chinese-Canadian charity supporting community wellness and cultural heritage, and ORBIS CANADA, enabling eye surgeries for children who desperately need the support.

    Fête Chinoise是次活動將透過文化更新的角度來展示現在活動設計中最優秀的人才。參與本項目的藝術家和設計師經過深入的了解,發揮其無界限的想像,在今天時尚那麼先進、成熟的社會裏,古老傳統會有什麼突破。


    門票收益將全數用作慈善,捐贈於孟嘗會(加國註冊的華人慈善機構)和 奧比斯
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    Shangri-La Hotel

    Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto, University Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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